We are pressing forward with the kitchen remodeling. It has had a lot of very frustrating moments along the way, but no problem has overcome us to this point. It does continue to be a challenge though, especially with the electricity and plumbing.

We have a new wall oven/microwave combo and a new cooktop, both of which we scored for half price from Sears. Our microwave and oven has been in and out of its area of the wall multiple times. It has had power for some of our renovation days, which has helped break up the chore of eating out all the time.

The problem we were challenged with these past couple of days has been running a new, higher grade wire to run both the cooktop and the oven off of from the oven to the breaker-box. This is no small task, since the wire had to run through a very narrow area between support beams in the ceiling. The final victory occurred, after many frustrating attempts, when Josh bought four Swiffer sweepers and attached them together to create a very long pole that carried the wire all the way to the hole in the wall by the oven. We were victorious over the wire. Thank you, God.

I also had another small incident just the other day. Our refrigerator is in the garage right now, since we needed it out the kitchen. The freezer on the fridge doesn’t seem powerful enough to keep anything frozen when the fridge itself is sitting in 100 degree weather. So I turned the freezer off. Unbeknownst to me at the time, turning the freezer off also turns the whole refrigerator off. So, all my new groceries got very warm before I realized my error. I will have to throw away a lot of food on Thursday for garbage day.

But we press on, and soon I will have a marvelous kitchen. I love my white cabinets. I adore my counter top. My new sink is enormous, and it sparkles when it is wet. I still need to pick out a back splash and flooring, but we are really, truly getting somewhere. Hopefully it will get finished before school starts and Josh gets busy with Football and Basketball. Otherwise, we may be taking an even longer time to finish our kitchen than we anticipated.